We're passionate about stories.

Our brains are hard-wired for stories. Stories are the most valuable communication commodity we have. Stories remain in the mind of the audience long after they are told.

Stories provide fuel, powering the development of businesses, organisations and teams. They help brands connect with their audience; they act as touchstones for employees. Sharing individual stories helps bring a company’s mission, values and stories to life.

And we know about the power of stories - Ian is a former Financial Times writer who also teaches storytelling to BBC journalists.

Who we’ve helped

Carbon Law Partners is a UK start-up shaking up the way legal services are bought and sold: we lifted the bonnet on the organisation, telling stories about its origins, its culture and its people. A global pharmaceutical company asked us how to use storytelling to encourage culture change. And we’ve recently worked with Thomas Cook Money, unleashing the power of its employees’ stories.

We're also hired by business leaders, entrepreneurs and senior executives to unearth and craft their stories. 

Ian breathes life into stories. He’s taken our story at Carbon Law Partners and with understanding and empathy he’s painted a picture with words.  The colour of our story is bright and full of life thanks to Ian.  But Ian’s experience and wisdom makes him much more than a storyteller. Work with him and you’ll see what I mean.

Michael Burne, Chief Executive, Carbon Law Partners