Businesses, brands and organisations hire me to shine the light on their untold stories.

Leveraging stories about your people and your customers is a powerful way to connect and engage. Stories work because they are memorable. They engage with us on an emotional level. They are shareable. And when it comes to business communication, we know that people don’t remember data, they don’t remember spreadsheets, they don’t remember business plans, but they do remember stories.

My clients have included The World Economic Forum, where I was a member of the digital media team at their 2015 annual meeting in Davos. This year I was Editor at Large on 'The Stress Report', a new publication from The Do Lectures. One of my regular clients is the accountancy firm Buzzacott, where I write articles for their magazine ‘Beyond The Numbers.’

"Working with Ian was wonderfully easy. The Buzzacott brand is a peculiar one and we are very sensitive to tone of voice so it was refreshing to find someone who immediately knew what we were trying to achieve and who told a story that fit in seamlessly with our other communications."

Samantha Bisson, Director of Marketing and Communications, Buzzacott