About Us

Ian's story

“How did I get to here?  My career has been a rollercoaster of a ride full of twists and turns - sometimes exciting, sometimes hairy, but never boring (watch my Do Lecture “Finding your story, your purpose and your compass”). I pinpoint the start of my journey when, as a kid, my Dad gave me a bright red pocket transistor radio, which ignited a love affair with broadcasting. I achieved an early dream of working in broadcasting by getting a lucky break in BBC local radio while still a teenager, co-presenting a show, interviewing pop stars and politicians. After university I joined a TV production company and worked in live music events before being hired by Unique Broadcasting, then a 12-person independent production company. During seven years at Unique, I helped grow the business before it floated as a Plc and achieved another ambition: becoming managing director of a creative business before I hit 30. In 2000 I took the leap to work for myself and since then The Ian Sanders Company has been involved with hundreds of projects, from mentoring and advising startups to running marketing projects for global brands. I’ve gone where the water has flowed: my journey has been one led by curiosity rather than strategy, where I’ve always being open to opportunity and have constantly added new strings to my bow. ‘Leap!’, my first book, was published in 2008. In it I share the lessons I’d learned on my self-employed journey. A year later ‘Juggle!’ came out: I sometimes joke that I wrote it to help my parents finally get what I did for a living. Two more books followed and I started writing for publications, including the Financial Times ‘Business Life’ section and British Airways’ Business Life magazine. I have also contributed to Monocle magazine’s ‘The Entrepreneurs’ radio show. Today, everything I have to offer - my storytelling, my workshops and coaching - is the inevitable consequence of all I’ve done before. Whatever I’m working on, I always aim to shake things up and get organisations, teams and individuals fired up about their work. Based in London, I live by the Thames estuary in Leigh-on-Sea, but my journey continues. I’d love you to join me.”

Zoë's story

"I’ve worked at the Ian Sanders Company for many years, beetling away in the backroom being an editor, writer, researcher, and all round sounding board. Before that, I had an eclectic career - I've worked in boardrooms and therapy rooms; up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and over a Japanese fish shop. Wherever I’ve been and whatever I’ve done, words, ideas, stories have always been at the heart of my journey. What I’ve learned in these different disciplines and environments is distilled into my approach today. An open mind, a nose-to-the-ground appetite for the truth and hearty dose of curiosity to find the gold go into every project. I have a bird’s eye view of the overall picture, as well as a intensely focused gaze on the individual elements. A sounding board, a devil’s advocate, an asker of the “what if we did it this way, not that?” I’ve co-founded a back-to-work mums’ group, organised charity events and am active in a local Meet Up community. Most likely to be spotted in a coffee shop, black Muji fineliner in hand, doing a bit of doodling."