What fuels me is helping others - whether people or organisations - find their own fuel.

  • As a Creative Consultant, I get organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals reconnected with what makes them tick (current clients include a London law firm).
  • As a Storyteller-for-hire, I tell stories to shine the light on businesses and trends (recent clients include The World Economic Forum and AppNexus).
  • As a Speaker, I get audiences fired up about how they can leverage their story and purpose to get noticed (recent clients include the Paris-based accelerator TheFamily).
  • The author of four books I have also written for The Financial Times and contributed to Monocle magazine’s radio station Monocle 24.
  • I love a side project. This year I have co-produced a video interview series Curiosity & Opportunity and edited a crowdfunded community generated paper Trawler.

I'm based in London and live by the Thames estuary in Leigh-on-sea. I work with both established organisations and start-ups, on both sides of the Atlantic.

You can email me hello@iansanders.com, check out my stories on Medium and follow me on Twitter.