I tell stories for a living. I help businesses stand out from the crowd by leveraging their ideas and stories. [Work]

My career started at a media group, where I made creative ideas happen. [Me]

I used to write about entrepreneurship and business life for The Financial Times. Today I write for many other publications. [Articles]

I've also written a series of books to help readers reinvent their business and work lives. [Books]

I like to look at things differently, taking my audience on a journey of transformation, opening their eyes to new ideas.

I’m also a prolific blogger, both here and on Medium.

I like side projects. Here's my latest: a video interview series 'Curiosity & Opportunity.'

You can find me on Twitter @iansanders

I'm based in London and live by the Thames estuary in Leigh-on-sea. I work with clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

I like coffee.

You can email me hello@iansanders.com