I bring a fresh pair of eyes and a wealth of experience to help organisations and individuals develop & grow, getting them excited about their essence, their focus and their future.

My own career has been a rollercoaster of a ride full of twists and turns - sometimes exciting, sometimes hairy, but never boring (watch my Do Lecture “Finding your story, your purpose and your compass”). In 16 years working for myself, I’ve been hired by a diverse mix of clients including MTV, Benetton and The World Economic Forum. I’ve written for the Financial Times, am the author of four books on entrepreneurship and have spoken at events in Europe and the US.

I bring all my strands of knowledge to three services:

  1. Consultancy - my “Fuel Up your Business” package helps clients figure out the essence of their business or organisation, capturing what they do and why they do it. Recent clients include Stripe Partners, a global strategy and innovation studio.
  2. Coaching - my unique coaching system, “Fuel Safari”, helps execs, entrepreneurs and freelancers rediscover their passion and purpose. Fuel Safaris are available as either half-day walking workshops or lunch-break walk n’talks.
  3. Storytelling - Creating content for brands and businesses, I bring stories to life. This year’s clients include The Do Lectures, Soho House and the accountancy firm Buzzacott. Recent speaking gigs range from a workshop for early stage entrepreneurs at The Family in Paris to the opening keynote at the Snap Photography Festival in Wales.

I'm based in London and live by the Thames estuary in Leigh-on-sea. I work with clients of all shapes and sizes, on both sides of the Atlantic. You can check out my stories on Medium and follow me on Twitter. Let’s talk - get in touch: hello@iansanders.com.

[photo by Lee Allen Photography]