I run workshops in creativity and storytelling for organisations. Getting people out of their organisational bubble and looking at things differently liberates them from their Monday-to-Friday routines. One of my modules, ‘Story Safari’, has participants exploring the streets around them with fresh eyes, returning to the office with clarity and ideas.

Here is a sample run-down of my storytelling workshop for brands and businesses:

  1. The power of a story

  2. Building blocks

  3. How to use a story to change hearts and minds

  4. How a brand can compete on its story

  5. Story Safari, finding the unusual in the usual

I’m currently leading a series of day-long workshops for the BBC, getting journalists, producers and editors looking at storytelling from a different perspective. My workshops take me around the UK: Southampton, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow.

It's powerful. On a recent workshop one participant told me it had been the highlight of her week. Another said he was overcome with a sense of excitement he hadn’t had since a kid; he’d never felt like at work. I love hearing that.

Who isn’t stale from being penned behind a desk all day? Refresh your team, look at things anew and return to the organisation re-energised and full of ideas, insight and clarity.

Most of my workshops are for between five and ten people, prices start at £1,200 for a half day. I always bespoke it to your needs, making sure it’s focused, relevant and delivers the right results. Email me