In the last twelve months The Ian Sanders Company has run awaydays, workshops and offsites for Thomas Cook Money, The Development Bank of Wales, the BBC and Tektronix. Our sessions are designed to fire up and inspire your people, build stronger teams, unlock the power of stories and cement culture. Here are two of our regular workshop concepts:

  1. The Power Of Story: Sharing personal stories can help humanise an organisation. This workshop provides you with the skills to craft and then share their own stories. It helps nurture team spirit, nudge culture change and enable deeper collaboration. Results are game-changing. Read what happened at Thomas Cook Money’s workshop when we ran a session around the roaring fire.
  2. Fuelling your best work: How can executives rethink their work lives to be more creative, productive and energised at work? This session is designed to reinvigorate attendees’ working practices, to get them thinking differently about how they work and to open their eyes to more creative and innovative ways of working. Ian will get you thinking about the mindsets, habits, tools and behaviours that make you most productive, creative and happy at work. He will share his trademark tips, such as: ditching dull meetings; being more curious; redesigning your working day; bringing the whole “YOU” to work. He’ll give you real, actionable ways to give your working life a boost. Participants will go away equipped with new ideas to try, inspired about different ways of working and reinvigorated about their roles and work lives. In 2018 Ian delivered ‘Fuelling your best work’ at organisations from Microsoft to Diageo. Check out this video to see Ian delivering this presentation.

We love the feedback we get from our workshop attendees. Someone said the workshop was the highlight of her week. Another said he was overcome with a sense of excitement he hadn’t had since a kid, a feeling he’d never experienced before at work.


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The BBC is renowned for its outstanding reporting and compelling storytelling across its factual output. But in order to maintain its world-class reputation, it needs people like Ian to inspire reporters and producers. After attending one of Ian’s sessions, our colleagues go back to their department feeling refreshed, energised and full of new ideas. I highly recommend him”. 

James Harrod, TV training manager, BBC Academy