Our workshops are designed to fire your people up, build strong relationships, unlock the power of stories and cement culture:

  1. The Power Of Story Workshop: Personal tales of triumph and trials create a company’s glue. This workshop provides your team members with the skills to craft and then share their own stories. Results are game-changing. The workshops helps humanise your business, nudge culture change and enable deeper collaboration between different departments. Read what happened at Thomas Cook Money’s workshop when we ran a session around the roaring fire.
  2. The Re-ignite! Workshop: For firing up leadership teams about your organisation, this workshop enables you to step back from the frontline and look at your business from a fresh angle, helping you navigate your journey of change. One recent attendee from The Development Bank of Wales said he’d learned more about his organisation in one day of the workshop than he had in the twelve years he’d worked there (read the story here).

We also bespoke workshops for other organisations. Since 2016 we’ve been running a series of workshops on storytelling for the BBC around the UK  in cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff and Southampton.

We love the feedback we get from attendees. We’ve been told the workshop was someone’s highlight of her week. Another said he was overcome with a sense of excitement he hadn’t had since a kid, a feeling he’d never experienced before at work.

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The BBC is renowned for its outstanding reporting and compelling storytelling across its factual output. But in order to maintain its world-class reputation, it needs people like Ian to inspire reporters and producers. Ian brings a fresh approach to storytelling. He gets delegates to boil down the essentials of what makes a good story and then suggests creative and realistic ways of telling it. He asks trainees to step back from the daily churn of news cycles and reflect on how to tell stories differently. After attending one of Ian’s sessions, our colleagues go back to their department feeling refreshed, energised and full of new ideas. I highly recommend him”. 

James Harrod, TV training manager, BBC Academy