Our workshops are designed to fire up and inspire your people, build stronger teams, unlock the power of stories and cement culture:

  1. The Power Of Story: Sharing personal stories can help humanise an organisation. This workshop provides you with the skills to craft and then share their own stories. It helps nurture team spirit, nudge culture change and enable deeper collaboration. Results are game-changing. Read what happened at Thomas Cook Money’s workshop when we ran a session around the roaring fire.
  2. Nailing your Secret Sauce: an organisation’s or team’s culture can feel abstract and hard to grab hold of. This workshop captures those best-practice habits and behaviours that underpin your organisational culture, identifying your ‘secret sauce’. Attendees work in small groups to work out what habits and behaviours your company wants to own. These are pinned down for good via the creation of your own cultural manifesto as a touchstone for all. Read what happened when I delivered this at a company awayday.
  3. Fuelling your best work: This interactive presentation gets you thinking about how to reframe your work life to get more done, what fuel you need to burn brighter and how to have more fun along the way. It helps you align yourself with your own North Star so you know where you’re headed. You’ll get practical, actionable outputs to get you started straight away and make a difference to your working life. Check out this video to see me delivering this presentation at Microsoft's UK campus.
  4. Re-ignite!: This workshop is an opportunity to press the pause button and stand back and reflect on what, how and why you do what you do, as well as reassess where your business is headed. Elements covered include: how can storytelling be leveraged as a leadership tool; how can you turn up the volume on your mission and purpose; how can you create an environment where employees are engaged to do their best work? One recent “Re-ignite!” attendee from The Development Bank of Wales’ senior management team said this was one of the most purposeful sessions he’d attended in a 40-year career. Read the story here.

These workshop elements can be mix and matched to suit. We also bespoke workshops for other organisations. Since 2016 we’ve run over twenty five workshops on storytelling for the BBC around the UK.

We love the feedback we get from our workshop attendees. Someone said the workshop was the highlight of her week. Another said he was overcome with a sense of excitement he hadn’t had since a kid, a feeling he’d never experienced before at work.


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For training to stimulate and provoke creative learnings for your senior management team, we would strongly recommend Ian Sanders. Ian designed a programme that allowed us to stand back and look at our organisation from a new perspective. His sessions provided us with vital time and space to engage in candid conversations and gain inspiration from a range of individuals and organisations. We came away with a clear focus to take our organisation forward and excited about our journey ahead.”

Judi Oates, company secretary and group compliance officer, The Development Bank of Wales


The BBC is renowned for its outstanding reporting and compelling storytelling across its factual output. But in order to maintain its world-class reputation, it needs people like Ian to inspire reporters and producers. Ian brings a fresh approach to storytelling. He gets delegates to boil down the essentials of what makes a good story and then suggests creative and realistic ways of telling it. He asks trainees to step back from the daily churn of news cycles and reflect on how to tell stories differently. After attending one of Ian’s sessions, our colleagues go back to their department feeling refreshed, energised and full of new ideas. I highly recommend him”. 

James Harrod, TV training manager, BBC Academy