I’m an outsider: that’s where my value lies.

Outsiders spot opportunities and identify solutions that insiders can’t. Free from constraints and assumptions, they possess a licence to be curious, able to look at propositions from a customer point-of-view. They bring clarity to help navigate complexity.

This is how I help clients - combining my experience working with businesses (corporations, startups, marketing agencies, brands) with my track record at the FT, where I’m used to nailing complex stories.

What I do:

  1. Capture thought leadership:  You need to be able to communicate the thinking at the heart of your business, those big ideas behind your products and services.  I capture and transform an organisation's thinking into clear and simple idea-driven content including opinion pieces, blog posts, white papers, guest posts, and other articles/ digital content.

  2. Craft business stories: I go on a journey of exploration within organisations to capture and craft its story (what it stands for, its purpose, its values). A story is valuable not just as a marketing tool but also as an organisational touchstone.

  3. Advise on opportunities: I bring my expertise, market knowledge and curiosity to advise businesses on growth opportunities. I open founders, leaders and entrepreneurs eyes to new ways of looking at things, shining light into new corners.

My team and I work with clients in any location. In the last few months clients have included: Duarte Inc, the market-leading Silicon Valley design firm; Kish & Chips, a young London digital agency; a solo-entrepreneur startup; and a major US software corporation.

I loved working with Ian’s organisation. His team pulled together great market research that has helped inform my organisation on how to expand in Europe.”

Nancy Duarte, CEO, Duarte Inc

Working with Ian has been an extremely valuable exercise for us. He’s both a creative catalyst for new ideas but has also helped to galvanize the core messages of our business that had become lost or watered down over time.”

Ed Padmore, Founder, Vintage Photo Lab