My Story

My Purpose

Making a difference in life, work and business is what I’m all about.

I’m fired up by showing audiences there is another way, shining light on new paths and possibilities. My mission is to reconnect organisations and people with their passion, their purpose and their story.

I am driven more by curiosity than a fixed plan. My career has been about embracing uncertainty and change, making ideas happen. Today I like to start fires, getting individuals and organisations re-imagining their futures. I do this via: i) storytelling; ii) fuel-finding; iii) speaking.


My Story

As a teenager all I wanted to do was work in television and radio. My dream came true when I got a job in BBC local radio whilst still at school. The first ten years of my career went to plan and by the age of thirty I was MD of a small media company.

Then I had a burnout which forced me to ditch the plan and change direction. I embraced uncertainty and experimentation. I had to, to survive. The last fifteen years have been nothing short of an adventure, following my curiosity rather than sticking to a fixed plan.

My licence to be curious has taken me beyond a single job title into a working life with no rules and no walls: working with brands such as Benetton and MTV, authoring books, writing for The Financial Times, contributing to Monocle 24 radio, speaking at events from the Do Lectures to South By South West in Austin, Texas.

Having been on a journey of self-discovery, what fuels me is helping others find their own fuel. Today I’m a storyteller, fire-starter, fuel-finder, author and creative consultant.