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  • Helping people on their business and career journeys.

    I like helping people on their business and career journeys. For those that can’t make it to London for my Fuel Safaris, I offer coaching and mentoring via Skype and Facetime (packages start at £125/ $150 an hour).

    Recently I’ve been working with Nana, an early stage entrepreneur behind an edtech business in California. I’ve been helping her improve her storytelling skills and also acting as a sounding board as she develops her business idea. I recently met up with Nana in Dublin, and she shared some feedback about working with me.



  • My Walk & Talks: what's in it for you?

    In the eighteen months since I started my coaching programme, taking business leaders, executives, creatives and freelancers on walk and talks around London, I've worked with a wonderful mix of people.

    Simon and I spent a couple of hours walking along the Thames estuary on a sunny Monday morning. Helen and I made our way along the canal by Little Venice one lunchtime. Alastair and I met at Tate Modern and headed to Covent Garden along the south bank of the Thames. Alina and I took a route through the side streets of Soho and Fitzrovia (take a look at my testimonials).

    I use the term 'coach' loosely, because I’m not your traditional kind of coach, rather I draw on my diverse experiences to offer a different perspective. Think of me as your go-to outsider, someone you can confide in, offload to and who’ll give you a fresh perspective.

    People come on my walk and talk sessions looking for different things. They want help transitioning to a new role. They’re looking to make major change in their life and they can’t see which path to take. Or perhaps they just need a fresh pair of eyes on a project or business challenge.

    Whatever’s on your mind, here are the benefits of coming on a walk and talk:

    1. The chance for reflection. The importance of pausing for breath. Taking time to recognise what is unique about you, what’s driving you, what makes you tick. To get things off your chest. To uncover talents that may have lain hidden. To shine the light on your story.

    2. Clarity on where to go next. Look at things from the outside, seek a clear direction on where to go next. I’ll help you navigate the way ahead, shining the light on the path that’s right for you.

    3. Fuel for your journey. I’ll get you fired up, reigniting the passion and injecting a sense of excitement about the opportunities ahead.

    You'll get tangible action plans too to help you make the change you need. If this sounds like the kind of help you need, email me hello@iansanders.com  to find out more. And if you can’t make it to London, I offer coaching via Skype.