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  • My simple tried and tested method for keeping me on track.

    My simple tried and tested method for keeping me on track.

    For the last five years I’ve been making a series of weekly lists in my notepad. I start on a Monday and finish on a Sunday, and write down the moments and experiences that make me tick. I call it ‘Good Times’.

    I don’t separate work from non-work, they’re all together in one list. It’s my best ‘app’ for tracking those experiences that get me fired-up, so I have a clearer sense of who I am, what I stand for and what makes me tick. It’s the perfect way of reflecting on my life — both family and professional — and checking-in on how I’m doing.

    What has this taught me? The importance of living in the moment. The importance of noticing. Of appreciating how lucky I am to live the life I do.

    I’ve learned that it’s those little everyday things that really fuel me, those are the parts in my daily routine that are really important: the walk to school, sitting in a coffee shop getting some work done, laughing out loud at something. But what my Good Times has also given me is a metric for success. Because I don’t measure my success by how much money I have billed or how many five star Amazon reviews my books have. I now have a better way of measuring where I’m at in my life — and what lies in each list are the experiences that really make me feel me, those things that keep me headed towards Ian.