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  • Are you good at being You?

    It sounds the easiest thing in the world doesn’t it? Just being yourself. But I know lots of people who head in the wrong direction - away from themselves - when they make decisions in their careers and business lives. Something gets in the way. They think they need to have a ‘work’ version of themselves and a separate ‘real’ version. Reconciling those identities can be hard. That’s where people can get lost. They don’t allow their true self to surface at work, and feel frustrated and hemmed in, instead of being free and uninhibited to do their best work.

    Imagine how different things might be if you had the courage to follow ‘you’, to go with your gut and to use that as a touchstone to navigate your career. If you could stay aligned with who you are, what you stand for and what makes you tick.

    If you need help unearthing and tuning in to the real you, come on my Fuel Safari. It’s a one-to-one, three-hour walk around Central London to find your fuel, and to reconnect you with your passion, purpose and story. We start at Seven Dials (pictured above) and by the end of the session you’ll go away reinvigorated with some inspiring ideas, clarity and vision about where you’re headed next. Watch this video to find out more https://youtu.be/nXgaLf80BLc

    Want to know more?  Get in touch: hello@iansanders.com