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  • Create an awayday that gets your team fired-up!

    When running an awayday or team offsite, the challenge - and the opportunity - is to make sure it’s meaningful and has lasting benefits after the event. How can you fuel team spirit? How can you cement your culture? How are you going to get everybody fired-up for the next stage in the journey?  The Ian Sanders Company runs two awaydays to do just this.

    #1 Find Your Secret Sauce

    Find Your Secret Sauce unearths the habits, rituals and behaviours that make your team or organisation unique. It gets you looking at what happens in your workplace that doesn’t happen anywhere else. This session:

    • identifies and captures the Secret Sauce that makes up your culture;
    • shines a light on best-practice examples from other companies, explaining why this really matters;
    • gets participants working in small teams to make recommendations that are later voted on by the group;
    • co-creates a  manifesto of what makes you all tick. It’s  a touchstone to protect and develop your culture as you grow.

    [read the case study: Thomas Cook Money].

    #2 Tell your story

    Why are stories so important in business? Stories humanise an organisation. Sharing stories of a personal nature help nurture psychological safety which builds trusts and ultimately fuels higher team performance.  The Tell Your Story session will inspire your team about the power of stories. Starting with a presentation of why stories matter, everyone then crafts their own personal stories of ‘how they got to here’.  We end the afternoon on a high, hearing attendees read out their stories. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how stories are a powerful organisational tool, as well as having made stronger bonds between colleagues [read the case study: Tektronix].

    This year The Ian Sanders Company has run awaydays and offsites for Thomas Cook Money, The Development Bank of Wales, the BBC and Tektronix. Get in touch hello@iansanders.com to talk about how we can help your organisation.

    “A team event I will never forget. Never in all my years have I seen so many so open, and bonded so well and so quickly.” 

    Sophie, a recent awayday attendee