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  • Your business story is your lifebelt

    I think some of us may be missing a trick.

    We see ‘storytelling’ in business as just marketing, a way of making our product or company more gettable, a device we use outside the company, to communicate outwards.

    But of course its potential is far more wide-reaching than that; a business story can become the touchstone for your whole organisation.

    I know an organisation that grew rapidly from having a single entrepreneurial founder with a handful of staff and a single product, to a multiple management team with tens of people and a portfolio of products and services. When it was small, everyone had a clear idea of what the business stood for: telling the story was simply a case of retelling what they’d heard at their job interview and company meetings. Everyone understood the business: staff knew why they were passionate about working there, clients saw the story as a point of difference. The story worked.

    But then something changed. Staff numbers grew, new managers were hired, new departments started up. But the management team forgot to change the story. Executives would go out and pitch the business but tell the ‘old’ story. It didn’t fit. It was the wrong story.The organisation lost its magic touch because the story was neglected.

    So shaping and telling your business story is more than just a way of communicating your products or services. It’s a touchstone to get your team motivated and aligned with wherever you’re headed.

    As a storyteller I help brands and businesses tell their story. It can take some time to extract, capture and craft a gettable story. But once you nail it, a story can reinvigorate an organisation with focus and clarity, engaging staff and clients alike.

    Your business story is more than just a script you can recite when you meet a new contact or are pitching to a client. Your story can act as your organisation’s lifebelt — when conditions gets rough, you might need to grab hold of it to stay afloat…

    Hire me to tell your business or brand story. Whether it's for marketing communications or a touchstone for employee engagement - get in touch hello@iansanders.com