• How to live more curiously. A workshop to fire-up your life.

    I loved Ian’s talk. Staying curious is especially important for the team here at Channel 4 as our remit demands that we champion alternative points of view and celebrate diversity. Ian’s talk was a great shot in the arm.” Harry Dromey, Channel 4

    On Friday September 15th, come and experience a metaphorical caffeine hit in a lively, 3-hour workshop by the coast. My workshop is designed to help you live more curiously by unlocking your creative potential and opening your eyes to a fresh way of looking at your life (work or personal). It takes place one hour outside of London, in the inspiring surroundings of Chalkwell Hall, a 10-minute walk from Chalkwell railway station (trains to London Fenchurch Street take 50 minutes).

    So, why attend? Whether at work or play it’s often easier to remain in our bubble, doing the same things the same way. But if we always think the same way we’re missing out on all those opportunities around us. Imagine how different our lives would be if we ventured out of our comfort zone to experiment, to try new paths, to be open not closed, to be inquisitive, to embrace uncertainty, to explore the world around us.

    Easier said than done though, right? That’s why I'm running this workshop - to give you a licence to be curious and permission to play & explore, with practical ideas & tips to get you started. I will tell stories, send you outside on an urban safari and allow plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions.

    Aimed at anyone who wants to think differently about their job, their business or life in general - whether you’re a creative, an entrepreneur, you work in an organisation or you work for yourself - all are welcome, so long as you're curious.

    The author of four books on work and business, I have spoken at events such as SXSW in Austin, Texas and The Do Lectures in Wales. I've written about work lives for The Financial Times and currently run a series of workshops for the BBC. Curiosity is my compass!

    It's happening on Friday 15th September from 10:00-13:00. Tickets are just £49 each. Book your place today via my Eventbrite page