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  • Breathe fresh air into your work life & get energised

    A one-day workshop in the beautiful setting of Chalkwell Hall, overlooking the Thames estuary

    On Friday 23rd June creative consultant, author and coach Ian Sanders presents a one-day workshop to get you fired up about your work life and energised about the future.

    Get out of the city and spend a day blowing the cobwebs away, getting ready for a new and improved work life, business or career.

    In a full, targeted day that will give you a load of takeaways to use straight away, you’ll be shown how to:

    • rethink ‘work’ and to change your attitude to what you and why you do it
    • treat your career as an adventure
    • put the real you at the heart of your job
    • embrace the inner rebel and have the confidence to do things your way
    • redefine success
    • use your story as a compass
    • rely on your curiosity rather than a long-term plan
    • find your fuel (and what to do when the fuel runs low)
    • use digital tools to  get noticed
    • generate ideas to be more creative and productive

    Who’s it for? Anyone who needs a boost of inspiration and energy in their work life. You might be an employee in an organisation, an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

    When? Friday 23rd June 10:00am - 4.30 pm
    Where? Chalkwell Park, SS0 8NB (fifty minutes by train from London’s Fenchurch Street)
    How much? £150 including VAT, including a light lunch (fee payable in full before the workshop).

    How to apply? There are only ten places available. If you’re ready to fill up your fuel tank and get energised about what you do and why you do it, apply for a place by emailing hello@iansanders.com. In your email, tell Ian three things: i) what’s your current role; ii) what do you want to get out of the workshop; iii) describe your relationship with ‘work’ in one sentence. PLEASE APPLY BY JUNE 1ST.

    About Ian: Ian is a creative consultant, coach and storyteller who has spoken at events including the Do Lectures, South by South West and the Marketing Academy’s Inspire Live. The author of four books on work and business, he has guest lectured at the University of East London and Ravensbourne College. Ian has written about work and entrepreneurship for The Financial Times. He's currently teaching storytelling at the BBC.

    “Thanks Ian.  You helped me rediscover the inner rebel and life is good.”

    Tom Watson, MP


    “Working with Ian has given us the confidence to continue to be different. It provided the validation from a smart, external perspective that we should stick to our guns and focus on what gets us excited rather than dilute our story. We now feel more confident in taking our story out to the world.” Tom Hoy, Stripe Partners


    “Ian was great to work with.. keeping my focus on what I am passionate about and the opportunities out there. I have come away from this feeling excited about the year ahead.”

    Sarah Prietzsch, freelance TV producer


    “If you're looking for an authentic, human experience, you can't go far wrong by spending some time with Ian Sanders.” Claire Van der Zant, Rooster Punk