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  • Helping the world of work and business be more human.

    Looking back at 2016 and reviewing where I made most impact, I realise now more than ever that the world of work needs to be more human. In 2017 I’m focusing my energies in three ways:

    1. To let people build more authentic work livesContinuing working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, execs, freelancers and creatives, I’ll help ensure they are following paths built upon their unique values and strengths. I do this via my unique approach to coaching, on walk and talks around central London (and by Skype or FaceTime for those who can’t make it to the city). I ensure people leave my sessions reinvigorated about what they do and why they do it (in 2016 I worked with business leaders like Helen, check out my Coaching page).
    2. To give businesses the fuel to grow by nailing the essence of who they really are. Many organisations grow so fast they lose sight of their essence: what they stand for, their story, their purpose, their real point of difference. I work with clients to lift the lid on their organisation, talking to customers, hearing from staff and asking questions that haven’t been posed before. This in depth process gives the organisation the fuel to grow — to attract the right customers, to get employees engaged and to attract new hires (in 2016 I worked with growing businesses like Stripe Partners, check out my Consulting page).
    3. To shine the light on the stories behind a brand or business. Too many businesses feel faceless, hiding away their humanity. They don’t talk about why the business started, how they touch the lives of their customers, or the mission they’re on. They’re missing a trick. I’m obsessive about bringing a business to life by lifting the lid and shining a light on stories - building an emotional connection with the target audience (in 2016 I brought stories to life for clients including the accountancy firm Buzzacott, check out my Storytelling page).

    Want your organisation, business or career to be more human in 2017? Let’s talk! Email hello@iansanders.com.