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  • Cracking One Big Question: my lunch-break walk n’talks

    I’ve been running my walk n’talk pathfinding ‘Fuel Safaris’ for twelve months. I’ve walked around the streets of London with executives, entrepreneurs and freelancers helping them navigate their ‘what next’ in their business/ career/ work life (check out some of their experiences here).

    Recently I’ve had approaches from people who wanted my help with a work problem, but we didn’t need a half day session to crack it.

    So I’m trying something new: lunch-break walk n’talks. In these one hour sessions I’ll help you fix a work problem or career headache you’re struggling with. You could be a freelancer needing help refocusing your offering, an executive looking for a steer on a career move, or an entrepreneur wanting their eyes opened to new possibilities.

    All that I ask is that we keep it focused and single-minded: you must have a clear question you are wrestling with. Ahead of our session I’ll send you a brief Q&A to answer, then we meet up and I’ll take you on a walk, looking at your question from a new angle. By the time the hour is up, I’ll have given you clarity on where you go next. This is what Nilofer Merchant says about working with me:

    “Those of us working on ‘doing the thing’ can lose sight of why we’re doing the thing, and what is it that matters of the 22 things you’re doing. Everyone needs help to periscope up to the horizon to help see the horizon again, so you can find the fuel to keep going in the right direction. Is it possible to do that alone? Maybe. But I’d rather not risk it. I’d rather get the kind of help that helps hit the goal and do more meaningful work as a result. Ian Sanders certainly can do all of that by insightful questions, and deep listening.” Nilofer Merchant, author & speaker

    For a limited time, I’m offering one-hour lunch-break walk n’talks in London and Leigh-on-Sea at £120 including VAT. Email hello@iansanders.com and we can fix a time.

    If this is the first time you’ve landed on my website, you can find my own story here. A creative consultant and storyteller, I’ve worked for myself for over sixteen years. I’m the author of a series of books on work and business: ‘Leap! Ditch Your Job, Start Your Own Business & Set Yourself Free’ (Capstone/ Wiley), ‘Juggle! Rethink Work, Reclaim Your Life’ (Capstone/ Wiley), ‘Zoom! The Faster Way To Make Your Business Idea Happen’ (Financial Times Prentice Hall) and ‘Mash-Up! How to Use Your Multiple Skills to Give You an Edge, Make Money and Be Happier’ (Kogan Page).